7 Reasons to Choose EEA

Photo of Books - Seven Reasons to Choose East End AcademyA private provider of customized programs for students with disabilities and at-risk youth.





  • We provide quality education services, including special education for the learning disabled, behaviorally disordered, emotionally disabled and/or intellectually disabled children, ages 5-12, capable of functioning as day students through enrollment in the Elementary Education Program.
  • We provide quality education services, including special education and supported employment/vocational education for adolescents, ages 13-21 who have emotional and behavioral problems which interfere with concentration and ability to learn and who are not succeeding in traditional schools through enrollment in the Secondary Education Program.
  • We provide a structured, therapeutic Day Treatment Program to bridge the gap for youth in need of mental health and special education services by providing both services within one setting.
  • We provide therapeutic After-School services for the seriously emotionally distressed children and adolescents who are expressing physical, behavioral and/or social limitations.
  • We provide comprehensive, therapeutic Summer Enrichment Program incorporating initialized education instruction, therapeutic recreational services, and group counseling for children and adolescents, ages 7-15.
  • We provide a structured, therapeutic, community based program offering counseling services and substance abuse services for at-risk your who are in need of more intensive levels of treatment through participation in the Intensive Outpatient Program.
  • We provide comprehensive rehabilitative services for Seriously Emotional Disabled African American males, ages 14-18, at risk for more intensive levels of service through participation in the Cultural Enrichment Program.