Summer School Program

Program Purpose

lColored Pencils - Time for Art!


East End Therapeutic Summer School Program is established for the primary purpose of offering a comprehensive program incorporating individualized education instruction, therapeutic recreational services, and group counseling for children and adolescents, in the Tidewater area. Many children and adolescents are experiencing academic difficulties, as well as social and leisure time by dysfunction in their communities.


Program Objectives

To provide comprehensive services in a therapeutic structured environment to meet the individual academic, social and behavior needs of students.

Program components consist of: Individualized Educational Instruction, Therapeutic Recreational Services, Group Counseling, Expressive Art, Mentoring and Prevocational Skills.

Population Overview

  • Maximum 25 students
  • Boys and girls, ages 7-15
  • Youth having an IEP with designation of Seriously Emotional Disabled
  • Youth at risk of negative behaviors during unstructured or unsupervised times
  • Your in transition from Juvenile Justice setting, or more restrictive environment
  • Youth with a defined serious mental health problem that can be diagnosed under DSM-IV
  • Youth experiencing problems in personality development and/or social functioning that been exhibited over a period of 1 year
  • Youth having problems that are significantly disabling as compared to the behaviors of other children of the same age or that have become more disabling over time
  • Youth needing services that require significant interventions by more than one agency

Services Included in Daily Rate

  • Therapeutic Recreation
  • Transportation
  • Breakfast, Lunch and Snack
  • Weekly Field Trips
  • Group Counseling, Anger Management
  • Social Skills, Mentoring
  • Self-Esteem Group and Activities
  • Remediation in SOL’s
  • Expressive Art
  • Pre-Vocational Skills